Stephanie Marie Brown is a respected businesswoman, philanthropist and leader in the community. Her intelligence and dedication shine through on every project she is associated with and her energy and commitment are a pleasure to experience. As the Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations for Manchester Financial Group, she is the public image of San Diego’s leading developer and currently working on the largest real estate development in the region, Manchester Pacific Gateway. With all the responsibilities of her professional life, she seamlessly balances her personal life and stays beautiful, healthy and focused. Her organization and drive allow her to accomplish so much in a typical day:

5 a.m. Up and Moving

Stephanie wakes up and is ready to start her day. Her breakfast consists of juice, an acai bowl or yogurt and fruit with cappuccino or lemon water.

6 a.m. Work out

If there is no meeting, her morning work out consists of yoga and Pilates. Some of her other weekly workouts consist of hiking, running 3 to 15 miles or a spinning class. These workouts go along with weekly massages, daily meditation and recovery. By 7:30 a.m. she will be at a board meeting either with EDC, DTSDP, San Diego Union Tribune Advisory Board, or other charitable organization.

12 p.m. Mid-day activities/ Lunch

Brown is a person who strongly believes in helping others and serving the community. Her afternoon activities consist with Manchester Pacific Gateway Meetings such as investor relations, construction updates, interior design, branding and interviews. In her role at a Manchester Financial Group, she overviews all business entities, monitors weekly updates and status and supervises community events, charity events and marketing. Her lunch consists of either Mediterranean or a Greek salad, usually on the run!

3 p.m. More Meetings and Events

Afternoon activities consist of more board meetings but with organizations such as Promises2Kids or National Conflict Resolution Center. If there are no meetings, Brown will attend business or community events for DTSD or nonprofits. If by chance she has an open evening, she will do an evening workout such as spin class or running.

7 p.m. Night Time

Stephanie Brown’s nighttime routine consists of watching the news, the stock market and reading; which she is currently reading about Boundaries and History of God. Some of her favorite places to go in San Diego are Isabel’s Cantina, Café Gratitude, True Foods, El Pescador or Goodonya.

Spirituality – In the last three years I have become extremely spiritual. I was born and raised Lutheran, met the Dalai Lama in 2016, went through RCIA and was confirmed into the Catholic Church in 2017, met a Hindu spiritual Saint Amma and was blessed by a Monk in Cambodia in 2018. I am currently reading “A History of God” by Karen Armstrong. I love learning about all religions.

I am training for the San Francisco Marathon in July. I completed my first marathon in NYC last November.
Every week I do a combination of the following: spin class at Spark Cycle, yoga at Yoga Six, Pilates at Elevate Pilates, Hiking at Torrey Pines and run miles throughout the week. I do my long runs 6+ miles on weekends near the beach.
For recovery I go to Livkraft for cryotherapy, float, infrared sauna and normatek compression, and I get a massage weekly.

For my mind I meditate with Headspace, and for visualization I write down my goals and read my vision statement daily.

I travel for many reasons. To be in nature. For inspiration. And for learning. I like to learn about people and understand their history, culture, landscape, architecture, music, food, art and religion. Whether it is hiking Machu Picchu, or staying three nights in the Amazon, or visiting a monk in Angkor Wat Cambodia, or hiking red rocks in Sedona, or doing yoga daily in Costa Rica, I always plan a vacation that will enlighten me, inspire me and feed my mind, body, spirit and soul. If we learn to nurture ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, then we will learn to keep everything in balance to live a more healthy and peaceful life.