Dedicated to Helping San Diego Thrive.

Southwest Airlines is genuinely committed to having a positive impact on those they serve. Dedicated to giving back as well as recognizing those who have made a difference, Southwest Airlines has been an invaluable part of the San Diego community. They have established relationships and provided their support to projects that are changing San Diego for the better.


Recognizing the opportunity to reach the youngest and most impressionable within our community, Southwest Airlines has partnered with organizations such as Ocean Discovery Institute and Cesar Chavez Service Clubs. Both of these projects focus on teaching, inspiring and leading San Diego youth to be positive, productive members of our society, particularly focusing on those who are not provided as many opportunities. Cesar Chavez Service Clubs encourage and enable students to learn skills to constructively discuss tough issues as well as provide acts of service such as donation drives and fundraisers. As part of their curriculum, 50 middle school Chavistas have the opportunity to participate in the annual trip to Washington, D.C. The partnership with Southwest Airlines has been crucial to making this trip possible. Ocean Discovery is also dedicated to empowering young people by exposing them to and educating them in science. Southwest Airlines works with the organization as the official airline of Ocean Discovery Institute, allowing students to participate in scientific conferences across the nation.

As a business that frequently serves and employs San Diegans, another organization Southwest Airlines has become involved with is the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC). EDC’s mission is to build local talent, help small business establish tools for success, and address the affordability crisis. Working closely within our community, Southwest is familiar with the struggle many San Diegans face making a living wage and building a maintainable lifestyle for themselves. Southwest Airlines facilitates the annual Best Practices Leadership Trip which allows the opportunity to learn about new approaches to economic development that can be used to help San Diego grow and improve.

In addition to supporting local organizations, Southwest Airlines also believes in the importance of shining a spotlight on accomplished individuals. This includes local business owner Luisa McCarthy who has been fundamental in revitalizing La Vista Memorial Park, Dr. Adela de la Torre who has become the first female President of San Diego State University and has a brilliant vision for its future, Dr. Rafael Fernández de Castro, one of the first Latinos to serve in congress and now director of the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, as well as Haida Mojdehi who has dedicated her time to advocating on behalf of children’s health. Like Southwest Airlines, each of these selfless individuals has taken their personal experiences, skills and resources to help improve the lives of those around them to help San Diego and our residents thrive.