Sally Bullard Thornton.

gtk swaChef Alfonso Morfin’s passion for Mexican cuisine traces back to his grandfather’s estate in the state of Veracruz. It was on that fertile ground Morfin’s father helped create interests for farm animals, aromas of the field and tastes for foods from the provincial region in the young child. Now, working alongside renowned Chef Luisteen Gonzalez, the pupil-mentor relationship has opened a palette of new flavors and successes for the in-demand duo beyond San Diego’s borders.

To this day, the Mexico City-born Morfin carries all those aromas from his childhood infused with every dish served to past, present, and future aficionados of his delicious offerings. Morfin’s work ethic with his catered events, staff and community are bar none something to be revered and make for a perfect mix.
After having the opportunity to work with an array of restaurants and cuisines, Morfin would soon start sharing knives and utensils in Chef Luisteen’s kitchen. It was there that they would initiate the concept of gourmet taco catering. Before and during this phase, and under the tutelage of Gonzalez, Morfin began to displace his “sazon” from the salsas to “guisados (stews)”, which his mentor took notice of and admired.

Experimenting with ingredients, Morfin kept finding new flavors for cooking and now, the two have been busy for the last 13 years working shoulder to shoulder. With great cuisine at hand, demand is always ringing for their delicious gourmet, and now Kosher, dishes from Chula Vista to Los Angeles.
From one week’s events to the next, Morfin’s schedule goes well beyond the kitchen, as his agenda is non-stop. As it is said, “one never stops learning” and in the case of the rising chef star, he constantly furthers his education. Currently, between buying and preparing menu items for upcoming events, Morfin can be seen juggling between huge catering functions, his cuisine and schooling; the well-organized chef still makes time to engage with the community.

Morfin can often be supporting various organizations in the binational region like the Ken Jewish Community and Fundación Castro-Limón. As with his commitment to non-profits, the bright chef strives to always give his best service and personalized attention in everything he does.

The married Morfin perfectionist’s attitude can be seen in everything he brings to the table from clients’ special requests been fulfilled or trying new recipes and dishes. Thanks to Chef Luisteen’s guidance and own “sazon”, the zest between them has made for a most unique partnership that has flourished. Both chefs are undoubtedly an amazing team in and out of the kitchen, a true fit that has kept their catering business at its best and restaurants without fail allowing Morfin and Gonzalez help and support others in their community.