Fulfilling our Promise To Kids.

Foster kids are pretty much like any other kids their age – they want to join sports teams, take dance lessons, and go to summer camp. Foster parents do their best, but sometimes, they just can’t afford it. That’s where the Something Special Fund comes in.

Fifteen-year-old Daniel has a rare form of autism. He can’t speak, but when he first entered foster care as a young child, he found his voice through music. He was drawn to the piano, and quickly became an expert. He practices for hours every day, and everyone agrees his music is truly beautiful. So, when his old keyboard began to wear out from constant use, his foster mom and social worker applied to the Something Special Fund. Through the fund, Promises2Kids was able to provide not only a brand new, full-sized electronic keyboard, but also a stand and headphones so he can play late into the night. His foster mom wrapped them up and hid them in a closet until his birthday. When he finally opened his gifts, his bright smile said far more than words ever could.

Seven-year-old Jessica and her six-year-old brother Caleb have been through many difficult times together. They spent most of their young lives in a neglectful home, and their parents were rarely around to take care of them. At a very young age, they had to learn to take care of themselves and each other. Eventually, they were taken into foster care and placed with a loving foster family. After so many years spent just surviving with each other, their foster mom wanted them to learn to have fun together, instead. After spending hours carefully reviewing their local YMCA’s classes, they finally decided gymnastics was the thing for them. With the help of the Something Special Fund, they now attend weekly classes, where they get to tumble, jump, and play together, and simply enjoy being kids.

The Something Special Fund is administered by Promises2Kids and provides support for foster children’s wishes for special requests that most children take for granted. Promises2Kids ensures foster children know that they too are special and deserving — and that someone cares. Promises2Kids is dedicated to creating a brighter future for foster children and supports the 3000 foster children in San Diego through programs including: The Polinsky Children’s Center, Foster Funds, Camp Connect and Guardian Scholars.

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