Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP).

In addition to being the only all-girls school in San Diego County, the Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP) also serves a large binational population. With its proximity to the US/Mexico border, about 13 percent of the school’s population crosses the border every day to attend classes. This bi-national relationship has been a constant in the long legacy and tradition of OLP.

One bi-national/cross-border shining star is senior student, Daniela Gomez Ochoa ’17. Not only is Daniela the first in her family to attend college, she will attend Harvard University in the fall where she will study neurobiology.

In addition to strong STEM academic course offerings, Dr. Lek, the head of school, has supported the increase of STEM extra-curricular opportunities. Senior student, Isabella Gomez Torres ’17, a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers club shares insight about how the girls have invested in engineering principles. “The club at OLP is dedicated to engineering without an engineering degree. We are comprised of dedicated and enthusiastic girls from all backgrounds (not just Hispanic) who never fail to bring fun to the table,” Isabella tells Giving Back Magazine.

With collaborative techniques, the students look for creative ways to make their designs successful. In previous years, they have constructed catapults with popsicle sticks, designing water rockets, and crafting bouncy balls out of glue. This year the students are building roller coasters designed for marbles. Under the guidance of science teacher Margaret Wiedower ’68, the students continue to grow and push the boundaries of their knowledge and their goals.

With clubs like Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, as well as the “hands-on” approach to learning offered through courses such as Robotics, Engineering, Architecture, Biotechnology, Genetics and more at OLP, it is no wonder OLP remains a top choice for students and families from around all of San Diego and the Baja California regions.