SK Clinic; Cosmetic and Reconstructive Excellence.

We specialize in all aspects of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery at SK Clinic in La Jolla, San Diego. Our goal with every cosmetic surgery procedure at our San Diego area clinic is to achieve a positive, natural outcome. Whether we are enhancing the face or a specific area of the body with cosmetic surgery procedures, or restoring appearance and function to face or other areas of the body traumatized by injury or disease, our goal is to achieve a youthful new look.

Dr. Stephen Krant shares the belief that positive outcome flows from the physical to the psychological and the emotional. Our patients tell us time and again how the physical enhancement touches virtually every aspect of their lives.

Our cosmetic surgeon team in La Jolla pursues an integrative medical approach, making use of the resources the innovative treatments in the medical spa industry. Combining cosmetic surgery practices with spa treatments, our cosmetic surgery team in La Jolla comprehensively treats the whole person. This thorough approach improves the quality of the healing process and decreases the time to recover. Included with every cosmetic surgery procedure at our San Diego area clinic are vitamin regimens before and after surgery and a skin care consultation. The aim is to achieve a balance of physical improvement and an overall feeling of well-being.


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SK Clinic
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