Health Tips.

We are so concerned with what we put into our bodies, and we should be. Now that there is so much information about eating organic, we have the knowledge we need to make the best choices.

Organic produce should be purchased if possible. Oftentimes, mass-farmed produce is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, and those can end up in our bodies. I would rather spend the extra money to buy organic fruits and veggies to eat the best quality produce available. There is produce that you should consider buying organic because they have been found to have pesticide residue: strawberries, apples, nectarines, peaches, celery, grapes, cherries, spinach tomatoes and bell peppers.

However, when it comes to dairy, organic milk offers the same nutritional value as regular milk. The difference between organic and regular milk is that while organic milk is produced with cows not being treated with antibiotics or growth hormone, regular milk is produced with cows treated with antibiotics in case of sickness or diseases. To ensure quality, the FDA checks every tank of raw milk for antibiotics before the milk gets processed, if the tank is found positive the tank gets rejected and is not allowed for human consumption. According to the latest reports of the FDA, zero percent of pasteurized milk and pasteurized products had drug residue in them

Growth hormones are injected into cows to produce more milk, but in 2017 less than 5 percent of cows were treated with growth hormone. Pasteurization destroys the growth hormone in milk, and even if there was any growth hormone left in the milk; after ingesting it, the human digestive tract will digest it, like any other protein. Growth hormones pose no risk to humans, but the sad part about organic milk is that in organic farms, cows that become diseased or sick are not allowed to be treated with antibiotics, which in many cases leads to their death.

Organic milk is 100 percent more expensive than regular milk so why waste your money even if you have it? Spend the extra money on something that will bring you more health benefits like an exercise class or fresh, organic produce.