Seven Mile Casino is more than a cardroom – it is a committed community partner working tirelessly to build deep roots in the surrounding community. Since its ownership transfer in 2017, Seven Mile has worked to set the foundation for a productive community partnership.

“Ever since we arrived in Chula Vista, we wanted to make our commitment to this community clear,” Masis Kevorkian, shareholder of Seven Mile Casino shared with Giving Back Magazine. “We love Chula Vista. Our goal is to work side by side to improve our shared community because we plan to be business partners in the City for decades to come.”

In 2018 Seven Mile Casino made their commitment clear by contributing over $220,000 to organizations across the South County.Through both in-kind and financial contributions, Seven Mile has made a lasting impact on the community that is sure to continue in the coming years.

Seven Mile has primarily focused on supporting organizations in three areas: education, economic development and health and public safety. Organizations that have received support in the educational arena include South Bay Community Services’ therapeutic preschool program, the MAAC Community Charter School, and the casino’s neighbor, Living Coast Discovery Center to name a few. Seven Mile has participated in annual holiday toy and clothes drive, helped to provide Thanksgiving Turkeys and provided first responders with lunch on 9/11. Seven Mile has become an active member of local service and business organizations like the Chula Vista Kiwanis, area chambers and the South County Economic Development Council. By contributing to these programs and organizations, Seven Mile Casino hopes to instill a long tradition of support for the next generation of South Bay residents.

Most excitingly, the contributions provided by Seven Mile Casino have already left a long-lasting impact on Chula Vista and the South Bay Community. And for that, we truly thank them for being the exemplary neighbor they continue to be.