A Reflection of Taste and Lifestyle.

One’s home is a place of refuge where harmony, balance and tranquility come together to create an environment that is soothing for the soul and peaceful for the mind. Exceeding these expectations is all in a day’s work when it comes to interior design and Seaside Home Design Associates’ Sheryll Jackman and Kathleen Buoymaster who have been creating superb environments for clients for decades.

The spectrum of projects undertaken by the principals have been prized and acclaimed from national design institutes to innumerable publications and magazine covers. The long-time business owners in La Jolla’s Village have been retained locally, nationally and internationally, but their labor of love lies in the effort, not the prize.

Whether Jackman and Buoymaster are working with clients on Coronado Island or the Cayman Islands, their expertise is a revered one. Learning as much about a client’s tastes, lifestyle and use of space in a home is of utter importance in creating their interior design masterpieces. From classic to modern settings and everything in-between, Seaside Home understands what it takes to bring a project to fruition from the first meeting to the installation of the final piece of furniture.

The full-service design firm understands their clients’ lives and how to translate that into their designs. Having visualization of a home’s space is like creating a work of art where the artist must know proportions, colors and styles to have the optimal results. Buoymaster, a Duke University alumnus, shared with Giving Back Magazine, “Classic choices, appropriateness, quality and attention to detail are the key ingredients to interior design excellence. Whether one is designing a traditional project in the pure sense of the word or a high style eclectic, the same ingredients apply to achieve a timeless composition.”

Interior design should be a reflection of the architecture, environment and culture where even the accessories play a part in a home’s total arrangement. The passionate pursuits of matching the right elements for a client’s needs are tremendously essential to Jackman and Buoymaster and both are constantly thinking about their projects. If it is commissioning a work of art for a particular space or finding the right fabric from the right vendor to get the perfect result, these women will pursue the task with no detail left undone.

As a graduate of the Design Institute of San Diego, Jackman’s 25-plus years of experience in decorative arts, interior design and architecture, she has worked endlessly to make sure her clients’ every demand is met. Continual detailed communication with clients through the highly personalized service is of prime emphasis for Jackman whose spectrum of projects has garnered a vast satisfied clientele.

Both women realize that it does not take a lot of money to have style, but it does take money for quality and that is why Jackman and Buoymaster become a client’s best advocate: a personal interior design mentor aiding in the process at every step. All this involves space planning, design development, design documents, procurement of products and other elements entailed in beautiful residential and commercial spaces created by Seaside Home Design Associates, but they make it smooth sailing for clients. Whether a project has a set budget for a specific home space or a large commission revamping an entire house, Jackman and Buoymaster’ s unparalleled history and accolades have made them a highly sought after firm not only on San Diego’s shores but in international waters as well. Buoymaster adds, “The design adventure should be exhilarating, exciting and fun with the final result being an elevated reflection of your client’s taste and lifestyle.”


By Edwin Rendon
Photography By Dennis Anderson