Since 2010, the SEAL Family Foundation (SFF) has been a driving force in supporting the families of active duty, veteran and fallen U.S. Navy SEALs. Its mission is “to support individual and family readiness through an array of programs specifically targeted to assist the Naval Special Warfare (NSW or SEAL) Community in maintaining a resilient, sustainable and healthy force in this era of persistent conflict and frequent deployments”. SFF both executes and resources a host of initiatives that build resiliency in the home and steadfastness among the families – which, in turn, allows the NSW Operators (SEALs and related special mission forces) to focus on their training and frequent combat deployments. In 2018, SFF impacted approximately 15,000 family members through its resiliency programming.

As a civilian nonprofit benevolent organization, the SFF relies on the philanthropic support of the San Diego community through individual, Foundation and Corporate giving. In addition, the SFF hosts a Gala Dinner to raise awareness about the needs of the families. The annual SFF Families First Dinner gala is held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Chaired by SEAL Family Foundation board member and former U.S. Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson and wife Nicole, the 2019 event will take place on April 6th. Proceeds from the event will be used to underwrite programs in direct support of the Navy SEAL families. SFF’s programs encompass three core areas; The Family, The Warrior and The Fallen Hero.

For Navy SEAL families in times of crisis, immediate access to funding can be a critical safety net when emergencies arise on short notice. Providing quick and responsive support is a key strength of SFF and is made possible through a close relationship with the NSW Command. SFF’s reintegration program for the spouses of Operators returning from a combat deployment is used to provide tools and resources to prepare for their husbands’ return home.

For the children within the NSW community who relocate frequently and deal with stresses and anxiety unique to this particular military community, the SFF provides academic support through resourced direct educational diagnostic testing, tutoring and mentoring. Navigating life as a child of a Navy SEAL presents unique challenges. And when a family loses a Navy SEAL, it is SFF’s most sacred and solemn duty to offer support. Bereavement funding supports the financial needs that arise through the loss of a family member, including funeral, celebration of life and memorial support. The SFF also supports bereavement camps for those children who have known that loss. These programs are specifically designed to provide a sanctuary where healing and loss can be shared.

The SEAL Family Foundation allows our warriors to focus on their training and deployment with a greater sense of ease knowing that their loved ones have strong support here at home. The Foundation takes care of their families while they protect ours.