Where Innovative Dreams Become Creative Careers.

Steve Stopper founded the School for Creative Careers in 2014 when he was inspired by students he met while designing and installing media systems for San Diego schools. He was struck by their drive to express themselves and learn about the technical and artistic aspects of multi-media. Whether their school was equipped with a multi-camera studio or simply used home camcorders, the students kept creating.

After 20 years in the audio/video business, Steve’s new vision was to provide an environment where students of all ages could gain the tools to pursue their dream of a career in creative arts and multi-media. School for Creative Careers (SFCC) is a one-of-a-kind enrichment school where students stop studying and start doing. Through hands-on learning and working shoulder-to-shoulder with industry professionals, students create music videos, write songs and scripts, and film infomercials for non-profits and small businesses utilizing SFCC’s state-of-the-art technology, housed in world class Ocean West Studios. With four recording studios, video editing, digital recording, green screen and live broadcasting capabilities, the school also boasts having a microphone used by Paul McCartney.

Resurrecting Starlight Theatre

Steve’s passion for SFCC goes hand in hand with his passion for community theater, especially Starlight Theatre. A once vibrant outdoor amphitheater, this historical space is currently languishing in disrepair in Balboa Park. For decades, Starlight was a venue where students interned in the world of creative arts both as performers and as technicians. The vision is to resurrect Starlight, celebrate its history, and create a spectacular, real life training ground for San Diego students to hone their craft and gain skills for a lifelong career in multi-media – just as they did back in the day. SFCC and Starlight have a natural synergy – learning by doing, gaining self-confidence, feeling the energy and excitement of performance, and the satisfaction of creating something special for the audience. The next step is to get the Save Starlight plan approved to make the necessary improvements. Together we can turn the spotlights on again! Please visit www.SaveStarlight.com

School for Creative Careers is excited to announce it’s first-ever fundraiser on November 14, 2015. Festivities will include TV personalities, live music, silent auction and hosted craft beer, wine and gourmet food. To donate and for more information on the event and SFCC, please visit www.SchoolforCreativeCareers.org, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.