San Diego is in need of an emergency transitional safe home for children who have been recovered and rescued from Sex Trafficking. There are zero safe homes for children in San Diego County that will protect them from being lured by predators, pimps and traffickers. Most times, when children are recovered, they do not have a home to go to. Many children are homeless and do not have parents or guardians, 60% are foster youth, some children cannot go home because the abuse is occurring there. Regardless of the case, San Diego needs to do better. We as a collective community are responsible for the vulnerable children and the care they desperately need and deserve. No child should be left on the streets alone.

Saved In America is asking the community to step up and donate so that they can purchase and administer a safe home. The transitional safe home will help to serve children up to 17 years old. The home will be guarded, secure and protected from danger and predators. In the first 14 days, Saved In America will work with specialists and experts to assess the child; there will be health, physical, mental and emotional checkups. Once the child has been fully examined, working with strategic partners, SIA will work with the child and parent to find the appropriate long-term rehabilitation center. As you can imagine, these children have been traumatized, physically, mentally and emotionally abused, often times drugged, and will need a long term recovery plan to get back up on their feet and in the right hands and care. These children’s lives and future depend on it.

Saved In America is interested in the total well-being of the child. Recovery is not a one step process. Upon successful recovery of a child, SIA assists with placement in an emergency transitional safe home, long term rehabilitation, legal representation and scholarships to help the child receive an education they need and deserve. SIA is interested in the success of the child and to break the chains from the evil of sex trafficking.

Saved In America (SIA) is a nonprofit organization who volunteers to assist parents and law enforcement to locate missing, runaway and exploited children – the groups most vulnerable to sexual trafficking. For victims of sexual exploitation, SIA assists in procuring legal representation, safe housing, and rehabilitative therapy. SIA also provides assistance to high risk juvenile shelters to protect the children from further exploitation by pimps and predators. Since 2014, Saved In America has recovered more than 245 children. For more information please visit