Continued increased costs for living essentials for families with limited budgets can greatly impact children’s development. Children’s shoes are pretty far down the list when a family has to prioritize their expenses, however, a new pair of tennis shoes can bring a child so much happiness. Think of when you received your new pair and you couldn’t wait to play soccer, wall ball or kickball—didn’t you try kicking the ball harder? Unfortunately, not all children have the same access to new shoes. In fact, children born in the 92173 (San Ysidro) zip code live 10 years less than children born in more affluent zip codes in San Diego County. Although a pair of new shoes may not come to mind when thinking of children’s health, it does help make a significant difference for families served by San Ysidro Health, especially during the holidays.

San Ysidro Health’s 4th Annual El Zapatón (The Big Shoe in Spanish) Shoes for Children’s Health Fair provides children ages 5-17 critical wellness screenings, immunizations, and gift cards for new shoes as well as other vital services and essentials. This year, we expect to reach 1,000 children and their families throughout San Diego County.


We can’t do it alone. Today, you can help make a difference in the lives of approximately 32,000+ children in our care by giving to our El Zapatón Campaign via the QR code. This Campaign supports access to immunizations, follow-up care, and provides additional essential resources such as shoes, food and basic necessities. For more information or to donate, please visit

A special thank you to El Zapatón’s generous sponsors: Kafri Heart And Vascular Clinic, Health Net, SHORE TOTAL, Kevin & Cindy Mattson, Last Mile San Diego, La Revista Binacional, and Aston Carter.
San Ysidro Health invites you to join us and give in any capacity: as an advocate, volunteer by donating your time and skills, or by giving to help meet the needs of our under-resourced families. For more information about San Ysidro Health or to donate, please visit

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Esteban Villanueva