San Diego Crew Classic

San Diego Crew Classic


Providing scholarships for under resourced youth around the county.

Now in their 42nd year, the San Diego Crew Classic is evolving to become a driving force in the funding and development of a community aquatics center as well as providing scholarships for under resourced youth around the county. The Crew Classic has long been known for its wonderful rowing event on Crown Point in Mission Bay, which hosts the nation’s top collegiate, junior, masters and elite crews from around the country and globe.

“We owe our success to the unparalleled volunteerism of our community as every year more than 500 local citizens devote thousands of hours to insure that the racing runs smoothly for our 4500 competitors and 25,000 spectators. With these goals in mind we have made some changes to the event to benefit our community now and in the future,” Darlene Disney, Executive Director tells Giving Back Magazine.

Thanks to Title 9, Rowing is one of the fastest growing collegiate sports with one in every two high school girls receiving a full ride scholarship when recruited by a Division 1 school. This year their first ever “Crews to College” event will offer guidance to our high school rowers on how to select the appropriate college that is best suited to their academic, social and rowing needs. They are also hosting a first ever Adaptive Rowing event for Paralympic rowers, which draws many of its athletes from our Wounded Warriors groups both in San Diego and around the country. Lastly, they are proud to sponsor Olympic Rowers on their road to the Rio Olympics through a partnership with the National Rowing Foundation. Sunday afternoon will feature racing in the 2nd annual Rowak Classic pitting the USA against Canada and the Czech Republic.

“We feel the timing is right to initiate a community effort to fund and develop an aquatics center on Mission Bay. Current capacity at our local Rowing and Paddling clubs is maxed out and there is very clear interest from local high schools in offering rowing as part of the athletic curriculum. Our success has been closely tied to the support of the community and we see this as the ideal way to honor the San Diego community and create a legacy that will benefit our youth for generations of the future,” said Darlene Davies.


  • Rowing is one of the original sports in the modern Olympic Games.
  • Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympics, was a rower.
  • Eight-man shells are about 62 feet long and weigh about 230 pounds.
  • There is no professional rowing for which these athletes to aspire. This is a purely amateur sport.

About the San Diego Crew Classic:

On the weekend of March 28-29th as many as 4500 competitors racing in 35 events across Elite, Junior, Collegiate and Masters Categories in the US’s 2nd largest rowing event.

If you would like to get involved and lend your support please contact the Crew Classic 

San Diego Crew Classic

San Diego Crew Classic


San Diego Crew Classic

From its modest beginnings over four decades ago, the San Diego Crew Classic has matured into the largest regatta in the world held for primarily eight-oared rowing shells. The regatta provides a venue for high school junior programs, collegiate teams, masters’ clubs, and even Olympic-level competition. San Diegans can be proud of the strong influence the regatta has had nationally on the sport of rowing. The San Diego Crew Classic was formed in 1973 by Patricia Stose Wyatt (a ZLAC member) and Joe Jessop, Sr., (an SDRC member) and other civic-minded San Diegans who intended to bring the nation’s top collegiate crews to Mission Bay in the spring for a showdown regatta. Among the first participants were the University of Washington and the Naval Academy who had developed a great rivalry. When approached with the idea of coming to San Diego for a west coast regatta, they enthusiastically agreed.

Focusing on the largest sweep boats (eights), the first San Diego Crew Classic was a three-hour event with 300 competitors in 12 races. The intent was to hold a fun and fair winner-take-all competition for bragging rights between traditional and up-and-coming rowing powers from across the country. Programmed to be fast moving, it kept the spectators interested!

The regatta has grown considerably since that three-hour event in 1973. Today, it is a two-day, nationally acclaimed regatta, consisting of over 100 races with more than 4000 athletes. The protected waters and green lawns of Mission Bay Park offer a perfect setting for this well-loved event. Thousands of spectators watch the races on the popular Jumbotron. And now, thousands more watch the races via a live streaming webcast. The San Diego Crew Classic is living up to its name as America’s Premier Spring Regatta.


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