140 years of business opportunities

At Southwest Airlines, we like to think of ourselves as a Customer Service Company that just happens to fly airplanes. Second only to Safety, Customer Service has always been the main focus for Southwest Airlines because we know that taking a flight is about a lot more than getting from “point A” to “point B”. That’s why we are always working hard to find ways to meet our Customers’ individual needs. Through our work with chambers like the San Diego Regional Chamber, it’s easy to learn exactly what the business Customer is looking for when they travel. That’s why we offer priority boarding, a great frequent flyer program through Rapid Rewards, fully refundable Business Select fares, and of course our Customers’ first two bags always fly free.

Southwest Airlines is proud to support the organizations that contribute to the success of the communities we serve. One of the outstanding organizations that has made an enormous impact on the San Diego community is the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

As the largest chamber of commerce on the west coast, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce offers unique opportunities and benefits to its nearly 3,000 member businesses. Helping businesses make connections through networking and events, however, remains the Chamber’s core service.

Today, the Chamber is known for offering some of the best networking in town, welcoming more than 17,000 business leaders to over 85 mixers, workshops, special events and meetings every year. Through Chamber events, hundreds of business professionals have successfully built relationships, gained referrals and grown their network. These networking opportunities are possible due to the support of larger member businesses that help to further the Chamber’s mission.

It is because of the tremendous contributions of successful companies like Southwest Airlines and others that the Chamber is able to provide such support. Providing low cost or free options that help businesses – particularly small businesses – to save on employee benefits, office supplies or professional development is vital in helping them increase sales and grow. Over the years, Southwest Airlines has made a significant contribution to the Chamber. As a leading Chamber business member since 1982, they have sponsored popular events such as the Chamber’s Annual Dinner, Congressional Luncheon and Mayoral Fireside Chat. In addition, they have actively supported the Chamber’s Flag, General & Senior Officers Ball – the longest running military/civilian social event in San Diego.

In addition to networking opportunities, the Chamber is one of San Diego’s largest business resource centers. The Chamber helps to distribute nearly 30 business referrals to its members each day, totaling more than 7,000 referrals per year as well as savings on health care, office supplies and countless other business needs. The Chamber also offers up to 40 opportunities each year for small business owners and employees to attend complimentary training workshops to help improve skills across a range of subject areas. Exclusive opportunities for members to grow their business are also offered through the Chamber’s Business Alliance Groups. These premier leads and referral networks provide an opportunity to exchange referrals, build strategic partnerships and develop substantial relationships with peers and colleagues across various industries and sectors in San Diego.

From networking opportunities to professional development to discounts and savings programs, consistent and significant contributions from companies like Southwest Airlines continue to help the Chamber deliver tools and programs that help the regional business community grow and thrive.

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