Every Dime Fights Crime.

Consider this, “How safe is your family in the still of the night? How safe are your kids at the neighborhood playground? Or online? How secure is your workplace when you are not there?”

Some charitable causes exude a warm fuzzy feeling. Most support a noble common good. Some even ask essential questions and seek important answers that matter to us all.

The San Diego Police Foundation’s tag line, “Every Dime Fights Crime,” brings a smile while simultaneously raising a serious issue.

Safety is the foundation of the quality of life we value because, without it, there is no peace of mind. No life as we know it. No community worth living in. The Police Foundation asks, if that isn’t worth supporting, what is? This is the Police Foundation’s cause: a safer San Diego.


The Police Foundation exists for one reason: to raise needed funds for the San Diego Police Department. Donations help the men and women in blue get the equipment, training and outreach programs they need to fight crime. They believe that safe communities are essential to the quality of life we enjoy in San Diego.

With the community’s generous help, they have provided over $5,000,000 since 1998 to fund equipment, training and outreach programs for public safety in the San Diego Region, including every police service dog that has served with SDPD for the last decade.

There is an urgent need to purchase life-saving trauma kits, upgrade technology and software, to purchase new police canines and to make it possible for our police force to be better trained, better equipped and better supported than the criminals who threaten our communities.

With the help and generosity of caring citizens, the Police Foundation is able to assist the San Diego Police Department in a multitude of ways.

  • Fund critical needs and shortages that the City budget does not cover
  • Support effective programs that fight domestic violence, youth gang activity, homelessness, online predators and more
  • Raise awareness and advocate for stronger safety measures and practices in our communities
  • Strengthen the mutually beneficial relationship between SDPD and the public it serves
  • Raise awareness of the outstanding service the SDPD provides to our communities


Every police dog that has served with SDPD in the past decade was purchased with community donations through the Police Foundation. In the next year, five of the K9 Unit’s dogs will retire. The Police Foundation is calling on the community to put new furry crime fighters on the case. Information on the K9 Crimefighters Campaign will be in the spotlight at the Gold Shield Gala and it is available now at




The Police Foundation’s Gold Shield Gala

The theme of this year’s Gold Shield Gala is optimistic and forward-looking: “The Future’s So Bright, You’re Gonna Need Shades.” Futuristic décor will add to the fun, while attendees have a chance to meet SDPD’s energetic new Chief of Police, Shelley Zimmerman.

A cameo appearance by one of the K9 Unit’s police dogs will highlight the evening’s special cause: our K9 Crimefighters Campaign. Live auction packages include an Ultimate K9 Crimefighters Experience with a behind-the-scenes visit to the K9 training facility to see the athletic and beautiful police canines in action.

Attendees will dine, dance and donate to support the Police Foundation’s mission: creating a safer San Diego.

Saturday, October 4, 2014
6:00 pm: Reception featuring silent auction, meet and greet with new Chief of Police Shelley Zimmerman.

7:30 pm: Dinner, program and live auction followed by music and dancing.

Del Mar Country Club

Gala Chairs
Kathryn and Don Vaughn
Honorary Chairs
Lynne and Steve Doyle

For sponsorship information, tickets and table reservations visit or call (619) 232-2130.