Safety For All Series


Together, we can create a safer San Diego.

There could not be a more important time for the community to understand what our police do, how, and why. With this in mind, the San Diego Police Foundation produced the new virtual series, Safety For All, which takes participants “behind the scenes” with SDPD to see how San Diego’s police are recruited and trained to perform a wide range of duties from emergency response to crime solving.

Launched in March 2021, the Safety For All series has premiered seven virtual tours, which are now viewable on YouTube. Community members can find links to all seven episodes on the programs page of the Police Foundation’s website.

Viewers follow a brother-sister team through the recruitment process and into training, go inside the communications center where 911 calls are answered, and venture into the crime lab, as well as explore topics of key interest to community members today.

The episode on Women in Blue: Leadership Knows No Gender offers a timely look at diversity, equity, and inclusion. Viewers take a step back in time to understand how far women have come since joining the ranks at SDPD a hundred years ago. Fast-forwarding to today’s reality, when women have achieved every rank at SDPD including Chief, viewers glimpse the future of women in policing as SDPD embraces the bold initiative to nearly double the number of female officers serving San Diego by 2030.

The SafetyNet®: Keeping Kids Safe Online episode provides an inside look at the innovative public-private partnership that delivers cybersafety training to children, teachers, parents, and concerned community members. During the pandemic, kids were online more than ever. So were the predators and cyberbullies. In this 15-minute episode, viewers learn what our police are doing to protect San Diego’s children from online predators, hackers and scammers, the dangers of social media and gaming apps, as well as sexting and cyberbullying.

In America’ Finest K9 Unit, viewers learn why the unit was created, what breed is the most prevalent at SDPD’s K9 Unit (spoiler alert: it’s not the German Shepherd), and how these specialized canines are trained to de-escalate potentially violent situations. An encore showing of this much-loved episode featuring SDPD’s canine crimefighters will stream at 11:00 am on Wednesday, December 1, followed by a live Q&A with the K9 Unit Commanding Officer, Lt. Chris Tivanian. Registration information can be found on the programs page of the Police Foundation’s website.

“This eye-opening, unforgettable experience is provided as a community service, so that, together, we can create a safter San Diego. I invite you to take a look!”
San Diego Police Foundation President & CEO

The goal of the San Diego Police Foundation is simple, yet essential: to create a safer San Diego. That means safety for ALL who live, work, and travel in San Diego.
By providing programs that enhance police-community relations and supplying vital equipment needed by police officers to do their jobs safely and with excellence, the Police Foundation builds trust between peace officers and the neighborhoods they serve, as well as increasing officer safety and community well-being.

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Esteban Villanueva