art-moby-dickBehind the captain’s door aboard the whaling vessel the Perquod is a man obsessed and self-deprived of any enjoyment of beauty. “Death to Moby-Dick!” the maddened Captain Ahab unleashes on the exotic crew of characters relentlessly seeking to exact revenge on the elusive albino whale that took his leg. This is a godless mission, not a hunt, for this seafaring journey for mortal greatness is diseased by the harpoon of obsession pinned between the need for human bonds and the grasp of a wide and diverse world. Herman Melville’s 19th century epic meets 21st century opera where traditional staging and multi-media enriched projections mesh in the net of an achingly musical score. No need for a log for the “magnanimity of the sea permits no records.” All hands!

February 18th – 26th