San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Heroes-Mortals-and-Myths-in-Ancient-GreeceHeroes have long been portrayed as superhuman protagonists while others emerged as average people who rise above the ordinary; they’ve played an integral part in all cultures since ancient times. Mythological figures like Achilles, Herakles, Odysseus and Helen of Troy are admired, emulated, and sometimes even worshipped through the arts and made the object of sacrificial cults. More than 100 objects from European and North American collections explore the inherent human need for heroes, using the arts and culture of ancient Greece as a point of origin. Explore these heroes’ and heroines’ attributes and adversaries, triumphs and failures as well as their loves, labors and enduring legacies. From ancient times to present day, come bridge the gap of thousands of years and find the hero in you.

Now – September 5th