San Diego House Rabbit Society


Our Mission is to rescue abandoned domestic rabbits within our community and find them new homes, support our local shelters in the care of their rabbits, and educate the community on the proper and responsible care of domestic rabbit companions.

SDHRS is a nonprofit rabbit welfare organization that does the following:

  • Assists shelters by taking in rabbits from them which will alleviate space for them.

  • Assists shelters by taking in rabbits for fostering when the rabbit has a medical or behavioral problem not able to be managed by the shelter

  • Provides equipment and supplies to shelters not having the funding to adequately provide for their rabbits’ needs

  • Partners with local shelters and humane societies to promote rabbits for adoption and to educate the community and responsible rabbit care

  • Supports the general community through our hotline, Bunny Supply Store, and educational seminars to help them care for their rabbit companions

  • Provides referrals to lower-cost spay/neuter services.