GTK SCRIPPS SCIENTISTChanging The Face Of Medicine

A graduate student at The Scripps Research Institute’s Kellogg School of Science and Technology, one of the nation’s top-ten graduate programs in biology and chemistry, Rodrigo Rodriguez is paving the way for future generations. Born from Mexican parents, Rodrigo was born in San Diego and raised in Tijuana until he was three years old with his siblings. The family then moved to San Diego and has been here since. During middle school, Rodrigo became interested and passionate in the field of science participating in an outreach program called Consortium of Community, High Schools, Undergraduate and the Medical Schools in which high school students participate in summer internships at the University of California, San Diego.

His passion has led him to work with Scripps Research Professor Phil Baran where he is learning how to be a medicinal chemist and how to be able to use both his biochemistry/cell molecular and synthetic background to work in the drug discovery arena.

As a low-income, first-generation Hispanic student, Rodrigo says he has achieved things that he never would have imagined possible. “I feel fortunate in having such great experiences and support from university faculty and friends,” he comments to Giving Back Magazine. “Most importantly, it has made me realize how essential it is to give back and help motivate others.”

Rodrigo has been actively involved in the mentoring the next generation of scientists through his outreach efforts with SDSU fraternity Nu Alpha Kappa and at The Scripps Research Institute.