The San Diego Center for Children.

Sometimes, we just don’t want to talk about our struggles. It might be the struggles that we personally deal with that evoke anxiety or depression. Or, even the struggles that our child faces at home and school that disrupts them from being that happy child we know they can be. The confusion, embarrassment, agony and shame we may feel about our mental health challenges can become too daunting at times to the point where we just feel so alone, if not immobilized… wondering if things will ever get better.

The reality is that families in our community are not alone in their struggles. 1 out of every 5 children in San Diego is struggling with a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder. You may even know one of these children, or it might even be your own child who is experiencing difficulties. And, not only are over 105,000 children and teens suffering in our community, but their families and those around them are too. Challenges with mental health affects many lives.

For the past 131 years, The San Diego Center for Children has remained committed to ensuring that children and families do not feel alone or isolated. Through a comprehensive and nationally accredited continuum of programs, over 1,000 individuals receive support every day across 8 program sites in our county with services ranging from outpatient and in-home based therapy to residential treatment, autism services, a K-12 nonpublic special education school, school-based programs and therapeutic support for foster youth.

Every day, the Center witnesses remarkable success stories of children and families who rise up from their pain, sorrow and shame to then feeling empowered, confident and hopeful of a more fulfilling future. Helping families rise up who once saw their child being bullied because of their learning difficulties, to families who once felt lost in supporting their adopted child cope from their trauma-filled childhood, and to helping families who once struggled with not knowing how to best respond to their child’s behavior and needs.

It is only fitting that the Center’s largest fundraiser is themed, Rise Up, in celebration of its 131st anniversary year of serving the most vulnerable youth. Equally important, the event will raise funds to help families in our community who are in need of services so that they too can rise up.

Co-chairs, Joyce Glazer, Vince Heald and Clinton Walters, invite you to the 131st Anniversary Celebration at Humphreys by the Bay that will include a special performance by Grammy nominated artist, Andra Day. Andra, a native San Diegan, will grace guests with her beautiful voice and inspiring songs under the moonlit sky on Saturday, June 9, 2018.

Please join in helping families in our community rise up. For tickets, tables and sponsorship opportunities, please visit

If you are unable to attend, though inspired to make a generous donation, please visit Information is also available for families who are in need of getting help for a child.