Cambiando Vidas.

The value of implementing positive change in the lives of those who are struggling is what the Rebeca Lan Foundation understands best and is firmly committed to. Founder Rashel Galicot created the organization with the goal to improve the lives of those who have been less fortunate. Her organization fulfills this goal through two programs, the Do-Re-Mi-Felici-Lan Project and “Atrévete a creer en tí”.

The Do-Re-Mi-Felici-Lan Project uses the healing power of music to help orphaned children of the Niños con Visión Orphanage in Tijuana. The program’s goals are to introduce the children to musical education as well as inspire personal growth. Since the program has been implemented, the children have developed a love for music and have learned valuable lessons in discipline, working as a group and using their instruments as an outlet for their emotional struggles.

The foundation’s other program took some time to garner support, but has flourished into a positive experience for all. “Atrévete a creer en tí” (Dare to believe in yourself), is dedicated to preparing incarcerated women and their children for successful reentry to society. The initiative provides workshops, creates prison libraries, and has assisted in remodeling the home for the children who live in prison with their mothers. The program has been effective in teaching the women about teamwork, health and personal growth.

Rebeca Lan Foundation has seen success in both programs and remains dedicated to their mission. The organization is always open to those who wish to help and support the cause.