…Real Experiences.

“I consulted with a few plastic surgeons before finding Dr. Chacon. I was extremely nervous of the thought of surgery, but I wanted a refreshed look for myself after having 5 children within 7 years and breastfeeding all of them for at least a year each. I had spent the prior 7 years focused on my children, my family and my amazing marriage. With that, I was neglecting myself.

Of course, I was happy with my life, but it was what I saw in the mirror I was not happy with. Despite eating healthy and a vigorous workout routine, I still had loose abdominal muscles and deflated breasts. Once my husband and I decided we were not going to have any more children, I immediately starting seeking the right doctor to perform a Mommy Makeover.

Upon meeting Dr. Chacon and his incredible staff at Divino Plastic Surgery, I knew that I was in the hands of a trusted professional and a gifted artist. The way that Dr. Chacon listened to my concerns, needs, and goals was so personal. I knew that he was going to work towards achieving the results that I desired for myself, and not what he wanted to do, as I felt the other Doctors that I had previously consulted with would have done. He was very mindful that I wanted to have a natural look with my breast implants, in that I have four young daughters who would look to me as their role model. Additionally, I was extremely nervous regarding the abdominoplasty, and I mean extremely nervous, but I knew that it was what I really wanted and would regret going into the surgery and only coming out with the breast implants and still having the same flabby mommy belly. Therefore, I went for it and committed to the complete Mommy Makeover.

I must say that the Mommy Makeover experience with Dr. Chacon was a decision that I have not once regretted. His care and attention to detail is second to none. He gave me beautifully proportioned breasts that feel natural and look respectable. The results of my tummy tuck were better than I ever imagined. A tight and lean abdomen with no issues. Since my surgery, my husband and I have had a renewed love life, I have started a new business focusing on women’s health, and this is all largely because of the inner confidence that Dr. Chacon helped me to achieve. I will remain forever grateful for Doc and his staff. This is one happy mommy, wife and renewed woman!”

– HM

At Divino Plastic Surgery, they understand the importance of feeling healthy, and know that you want to look great! As your body changes over time, so do your needs. Dr. Carlos O. Chacón and his team offer a wide array of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic services and products, which can be catered to meet your specific needs.