On June 18, 2013, Promises2Kids celebrated another year of success with Guardian Scholars. At a private home in Santa Luz, Promises2Kids recognized former foster youth overcoming the odds by pursuing and graduating from higher education.

Cassie entered foster care as a result of severe abuse and neglect. Striving to overcome her traumatic past, Cassie turned to education as a path to her successful future. She worked hard and graduated from San Diego State University this past May. She is currently studying for the LSAT and preparing applications to law schools.

Cassie is just one example of how foster youth, if given the opportunity through programs like Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars, can reach their dreams of higher education.

Promises2Kids, originally founded in 1981 as the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation, is best known for raising over $12 million to build the Polinsky Children’s Center, San Diego’s emergency shelter for abused children. Today, Promises2Kids serves current and former foster youth in San Diego County by focusing its resources on its core programs: The Polinsky Children’s Center, Camp Connect and Guardian Scholars.

Promises2Kids implemented Guardian Scholars to provide college preparatory services, academic scholarships, mentoring and individual support to help foster youth become self-sufficient adults.

Nationally, approximately 50% of foster youth graduate high school and less than 3% earn a college degree. Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars is proud of their 85% graduation rate.

To accomplish such success, Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars begins with foster youth in their junior year of high school. They are provided resources not normally afforded this population, such as exposure to the STEM fields through a summer academic camp, in addition to SAT preparatory courses and pre-college credit. Once students transition into college, students are provided with a Promsies2Kids scholarship.

Many have already reached their higher education goals through Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars, but there still are many more to come. To help support Promises2Kids in its mission to create a brighter future for foster youth™, visit or call 858-278-4400.