One-Page Article Plaque


¼” Thick Acrylic Face Mounted Print



Your one-page article is printed on professional satin grade paper using the original digital files and reverse mounted to 1/4” thick acrylic for optimal vibrancy, color accuracy and longevity. The print is backed with a solid backer for rigidity and protection. The print is finished with floating aluminum hardware. This gallery quality product will display your article beautifully for years to come. As GB Magazine never releases its digital files, this is the only way to receive a high-quality commemorative plaque of your article.

  • We do not work with nor endorse any outside commemorative plaque company; no sales rep calling you offering anything like this will be able to deliver.
  • Note the product photo here is for a two-page article plaque. A one-page article plaque will be roughly half the size.
  • Plaque is shipped with a blue film protector to be removed once received. (Shown here with film)