For me, it’s essential to give back to causes and organizations that are really working to improve our community. At Phil’s, we believe in animal causes, children’s charities and supporting local families, especially military families that sacrifice so much for the greater good of our country. Phil Pace, Owner of Phil’s BBQ

The kindness of others has touched my life. To make the world a better place, I believe it is important to also give back by helping people in need, supporting the arts to bring beauty into other lives and contributing to research to improve human health. Stacy Rosenberg, Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives at The Scripps Research Institute

People should take care of each other. Helping people help themselves is what giving back is all about. The ideal is for meaningful dialogues on issues affecting each of our communities, and working with one another to develop creative solutions and meet critical community needs is important in today’s world. Bob Kelly, President & CEO The San Diego Foundation

To love the community and giving is supporting with time, money, and knowledge, it strengthens the community, creates awareness, and provides opportunities for all. The YMCA’s focus is all about helping, supporting everyone and making the city a better place for all. Baron Herdelin-Doherty, President & CEO YMCA of San Diego County