By Susana Villegas

Founded in 2008 by former Mayor Cheryl Cox and Dency and Paul Soubal, the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation (CVCF) promotes a culture of local philanthropy in Chula Vista for the community of Chula Vista. A regional affiliate of the San Diego Foundation, CVCF is made up of more than 100 residents and companies dedicated to improving quality-of-life and to meeting the emerging needs of everyday Chula Vistans. CVCF members pool their contributions to CVCF to support annual charitable grants to non-profit community organizations and causes.

Since 2011, CVCF has granted more than $240,000 to dozens of nonprofit organizations serving the community, with each year’s grant cycle dedicated to a different focus area ranging from health and human services, to civic engagement, to jobs and small business development, to the environment. Half of all CVCF membership dues support annual grantmaking to nonprofits, while the other half grows a permanent endowment to support long-term grantmaking to nonprofit organizations.

CVCF also provides a local, community option for legacy planning and gifts that will benefit Chula Vista now and in the future. In 2018, the CVCF endowment reached the $500,000 milestone. CVCF started with three people, no money and the idea that Chula Vistans have the power to pool their resources to give back to the community in a strategic way that makes Chula Vista better.

As Chula Vista grows, so does the power of Chula Vista philanthropy to make a difference!