A true San Diego success story, Petrini’s has evolved over its nearly 60 years in business, but has remained a staple of Little Italy and a favorite among locals. What started out as two brothers selling home-made Italian food on the street corner has flourished into a family establishment with five locations serving outstanding, hearty food.

While the Petrini brothers are no longer the owners of the establishment, the legacy remains intact thanks to Moshe Lichtenshtein and Veronica Sanchez. The couple came from Baja California to San Diego in search of pursuing big dreams of owning their own business here. Both had an eye for business with ownership in Moshe’s business experience and Veronica’s prior restauranteur experience with her seafood establishment in Mexico, making it a natural fit for them. Add in Moshe’s love for Italian food and it was clearly meant to be.

Since they have taken over the restaurant they have been dedicated to maintaining the exceptional service, heritage and delicious Italian recipes that the Petrini’s was loved for. But with their new ownership came about some modern changes adding their own flare. Eating there is not just a meal but an experience with the vibrant, lively atmosphere that is welcoming to guests and pairs well with the zesty, colorful food they serve. From flavorful pizza to guest-favorite dishes such as shrimp scampi with spaghetti, pasta with sausage and bell peppers, and smoked salmon alfredo, it is no wonder tourists and locals alike find their way here. Over all these years, one sentiment has remained true, “The Family Eats” or “La Famiglia Mangia” at Petrini’s.