Energy Communications Corp.

The last 25 years since starting Energy Communications Corp., Patricia Alvarez has made incredible strides beyond business and in the bi-national community. Her triumphs, accolades, and successes are firmly planted in faith, family, work team, and clientele. Alvarez shared with Giving Back Magazine her tenure spearheading the company offering’s in San Diego and aspiring words for those wanting to follow in her footsteps.

In 1989, Alvarez was provided the opportunity by then Tijuana’s XEWT Channel 12 director, Jose Luis Guasch, to start ECC’s San Diego endeavors. As exclusive U.S. representatives of Mexico’s renowned Televisa network stations, she commenced promoting their border markets and, as they say, the rest is history.

Alvarez has been recognized not only for her San Diego merits in business but as an avid participant in our border cities’ communities. Between leadership awards from local chambers of commerce, lifetime achievement recognition and others, Alvarez’s engagement with non-profit organizations is of prime importance.

Alvarez continues supporting important endeavors by serving on committees and boards like Susan G. Komen Foundation of San Diego, Project Concern International and Fundación Castro-Limón. Taking great inspiration in women, she is convinced, “We have a big responsibility maintaining the family base that is the foundation of society,” Alvarez tells Giving Back Magazine.

She knows, above all, family traditions and values, along with finishing a higher education degree, are indispensable. “Life is full of opportunities and challenges… every cloud has a silver lining,” Alvarez comments.