Paola Marin Torres is not only gorgeous on the outside, but the beauty she has within shines through. She is one of those women who, as soon as she enters a room, it lights up, and it only takes a conversation with her to make your day better. She has a lovely family, including her children Paola and Hector, runs her own interior design business and gives back by donating her time to orphanages and helping the elderly in Tijuana.


This is how she does it all:

6 a.m. Rise & Shine:

She wakes up and has oatmeal for breakfast then off to exercise. Usually, she does 30 to 40 minutes of cardio and an hour of weight training. After the gym she has a protein shake and two egg whites with vegetables. Next, she gets ready. Every morning and night she cleanses with a soap, toner and moisturizer. She then reviews her schedule for the day, checks her appointments with clients, and makes sure she has everything for a balanced meal for dinner for her and her family. If anything is missing, she will run to the store during the day.

10 a.m. Work & Giving Back to the Community:

Besides owning an interior design business, Torres likes to contribute to her community of Tijuana by helping at orphanages. She likes to help with the children’s education, so they can flourish and become well-adjusted adults and have a brighter future. Recently, she also started helping senior citizens since she notices some older adults are being forgotten. Since Tijuana and San Diego are interconnected, Torres feels that by helping in one place, the effect will be felt in the other as well. Helping the youth and the elderly is how she makes this happen.

1 p.m. Lunch Time:

Torres always likes to enjoy balanced meals with lots of greens, a portion of protein, either fish or chicken and some carbohydrates. She loves sweets such as ice cream or a piece of chocolate. However, she also mentions that, in order to have them, one must exercise every day.

5 p.m. Family & Friends:

Time management is no difficult task for Torres. She knows how to maintain balance and make time for everything she must do. With friends, she will occasionally go out for dinner. When she is with her family having quality time, they like to go bike riding and on walks together. Her secret to having a wonderful family is having a good happy marriage and allowing her children grow in a stable and caring home. Her husband supports her and vice versa, letting each other do their own thing while sharing a life together and building a family which is the key to their happy marriage.