Health Tip.

Everyone seems to be going organic and cleaning up their diets these days, but they aren’t seeing the dramatic results they are aiming for! To maintain a healthy body, or even lose weight, you should not only eat clean, you should also watch how much food you are consuming. While you’re making healthier choices, you might also find yourself complaining that you can’t drop the weight.

Here is a list of healthy foods to eat only in moderation:

AVOCADOS – These have a lot of nutrients and healthy fat our body needs. An avocado has more than 20 vitamins and minerals, contains lutein which is good for eyesight and has a very low sugar content. The fat in avocado helps lower your bad cholesterol but its FULL of calories. One medium avocado can have as many as 260 calories.

JUICING & SMOOTHIES – These sometimes contain more calories than eating whole fruits or vegetables. When I drink my green juice, I am always surprised how much goes into it and how little comes out. If you enjoy green juice, or any type of smoothie, make sure you are making them with a lot of greens and lower calorie fruits. I have seen people drink a smoothie for breakfast that consists of an entire day of calories.

NUTS – While all types of nuts are healthy and a great snack to keep us satiated until our next meal, more than a handful is too much.

This list will give you an idea of how much you are consuming;
• 5 macadamia nuts have 100 calories.
• 12 chocolate covered almonds have 200 calories.
• 6 Brazilian Nuts have 186 calories.
• ½ cup of almonds 420 calories.

COCONUT OIL- Everyone seems to be going crazy over coconut oil these days, but did you know it is loaded with saturated fats that will raise your cholesterol levels. Try consuming smaller amounts of it or choose olive oils and vegetable oils instead. Research has shown these alternatives are much healthier. They also contain unsaturated fat that it is known to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

PROTEIN- The protein found in chicken, fish, turkey and eggs is good for us and builds muscle, but remember we don’t need to have it in all three meals. Try to keep your intake limited to 3 ounces per meal.

Based on my experience, loading up on more veggies and fruits while consuming everything else in moderation will help you see the results you are striving for.