Inspiring the New York Minute.

Starting in 1868, New York’s Tiffany & Co. has outfitted distinguished clients with the very best examples of fine Swiss watchmaking. Continuing their expertise and worldwide influence for the new millennium, in 2013 Italian Nicola Andreatta joined the company as Vice President and General Manager of Tiffany & Co. Swiss Watches Sagl. In this role, he assumed the responsibility of managing Tiffany’s watch design and manufacturing which is based in Switzerland.

Prior to joining Tiffany & Co., Andreatta, was owner and Chief Operating Officer of N.O.A., which manufactured luxury watches for distribution in 35 countries. Before founding his company in 2003, he held management and consulting positions at various prestigious watch companies located in Europe and Asia where he oversaw multiple functions including finance, operations, production and sales which allowed him to learn the global vison needed for the watch industry. But it was long before then, going back generations, that Andreatta’s family history in horology planted his roots in the industry as his great-grandfather, Federico Reufli, manufactured watch components for Italian and Swiss clients in the late 1800’s.

Recently, Andreatta visited San Diego to preview the newest Tiffany & Co. watch line, the CT60, inspired by the original timepiece gifted to former American president Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945 for his birthday. In a fortuitous occurrence, around the time when Andreatta joined the company to establish Tiffany Watches in Switzerland, Roosevelt’s watch had come to auction where it was acquired by Tiffany & Co. and put on display at their Fashion Valley store.

This watch line is fashioned after that unique gold timepiece, complete with calendar indications and is the inspiration and cornerstone for the CT60 line. Surely, Andreatta’s ancestors are proud of his trajectory with the jeweler and watchmaker and Charles Lewis Tiffany couldn’t be happier his legacy continues in great hands.