Myrna Prieto is a wife, mother, business woman and philanthropist that balances everything with ease and a zest for life! She lives everyday with gratefulness and passion to positively influence the lives of others. Her giving spirit begins with her family, always making them a top priority while still managing to balance her life in a way that we can all learn from. Take a look at a day in her life:

5:45 a.m. Wake Up

Myrna gets up and has hot water with lemon before waking up her kids. She makes them breakfast, packs their lunches and makes coffee for herself. Breakfast consists of a protein smoothie, a second cup of coffee and a healthy muffin or homemade breakfast bar.

8 a.m. Work Out

After dropping off the kids, Myrna goes to Orange Theory Fitness or does Pilates. For her, working out is the best way to release stress. She usually showers at the gym to save time and then heads to work.

9:30 a.m. Work

Myrna is a very sought after consultant at Investment Placement Group. She also has a passion for helping others, so she works with the Castro Limon Foundation and COP Foundation, where she has been volunteering her time since 2010. She also supports Together for Charity Foundation, which helps children from Tijuana orphanages.

1:00 p.m. Lunch

Myrna prioritizes both physical health and mental well-being. At lunch, she will typically have a lean protein, lots of vegetables which could be a salad, and quinoa or brown rice pasta. Most of the time she strives for a flourless diet but is not necessarily gluten free.3:00 p.m. Family Time

She picks up the kids and drives them around to their after-school activities. For dinner, she does not like to make anything heavy. She may cook sweet potato (salty or sweet), baked apples with almond crust, tuna salad or miso soup. Sometimes she may even just have cashew milk with dates.

7:00p.m. Winding Down

Myrna always makes time for a glass of wine or a movie with her husband Juan Manuel, or friends if she can, after she finishes her daily routine. She always aims for eight hours of sleep on weekdays and a lot more on the weekends to maintain the energy needed to be healthy and keep up with her schedule.

Myrna is a great example of how to live a full and productive life without sacrificing the things that are important to you.