Revolutionary Back Pain Solution.

If you have ever had back pain, you know firsthand its debilitating nature. What was once a full, robust and active lifestyle can quickly turn into agonizing, daily pain, and a diminished, often demoralizing, lifestyle.

Chronic back pain caused by degenerated or herniated discs, spinal stenosis, low grade spondylolisthesis and other chronic back conditions persists for weeks, months and even years – sending pain signals throughout various parts of your nervous system on an ongoing, and often, never ending basis. Current options do not work for everyone. Drugs, spinal fusion and discectomies have several potential drawbacks.

Thankfully, My Spine Treatment Center is able to address these issues with a variety of treatment options. They are able to offer immediate and long-term pain relief with a one-day treatment with a quick recovery – most patients are back to regular activities in one week! One of the solutions counts on the Swiss made and developed WELLEX Procedure which achieves the perfect balance between motion and stability. This procedure allows for long-term mobility and stability as there is no traditional fusion. The procedure is minimally invasive and completely reversible.

My Spine Treatment Center offers the very best in medical care and patient service at their licensed, state-of-the-art facilities. Their Board-Certified Team of Orthopedic Surgeons will provide you with the very best medical care, while their caring and dedicated staff will make your stay both safe and pleasurable.

My Spine Treatment Center is here to help those that are frustrated and unconvinced with their current back pain relief options and offers revolutionary, safe and successful treatment options.