Delivers surprises every month!

A box full of surprises for your child, delivered to your door, every month? What child – or parent, wouldn’t jump for joy! Especially if the box contains quality crafts, projects, books and puzzles. The experts at Montubox have scoured Toy Fairs and Trade Shows – from L.A. to New York, to choose each of the items that go into each box and make sure that they are the best in terms of creative play and quality.


This is “Montubox.” A Monthly Subscription Service specializing in activities for 4 to 9 year olds, with a focus on exclusivity (no, you will not find these products at the big box stores), and hands-on projects, that will awaken curiosity, learning and creativity.

Montubox was created by a group of San Diego moms and professionals. The content of each Montubox is chosen according to the child’s age and gender. “A Montubox for an 8 year old boy will not contain the same as that of a 5 year old girl,” added Daniela. “We make sure that every item in the box will require children to take their time with it, think and create an imaginative fun project.

“We know that finding quality tools and activities for children can be a challenge,” added Frida & Jenny. “We find, research and test each item before including it in our collections. We are very happy and excited with the Montubox Boxes, since not only are they perfect for the children, but also they are fun and Beautiful!”

Montubox offers a range of subscription and gift options. Boxes for siblings can be added at a discount price. Each box is dedicated to a theme – Planet Earth, the weather, transportation, for example, and contains a handful of items and is a gift that keeps on giving. Visit to subscribe, or write to for more information.