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Miracle Babies is a non-profit organization based in San Diego dedicated to helping perinatal mothers and their families during their time of need by providing transportation, mental health assistance and supportive services. Their tagline, “Together For A Better Beginning” reflects the importance of the family connection in the critical early weeks and months of an infants’ life and the mental well-being of the mother. While babies and moms are receiving an extremely high level of medical care, it is an emotionally taxing experience for parents to be separated from their child and/or receive news of a congenital birth or complex pregnancy. During these challenging times, Miracle Babies aims to reassure NICU parents that they are not alone.

Miracle Babies “Special Delivery” transportation program extends beyond just providing a ride. Drivers build relationships with passengers and can assist with other critical needs such as mental health, diaper, and period insecurity. Miracle Babies helps navigate a complex healthcare system and provides aid with additional resources such as WIC. Connecting new moms with their babies can dramatically impact the well-being of both the new mother and the baby.

Miracle Babies’ most recent initiative, “My Brain and My Baby” (MBMB), focuses on improving developmental outcomes for babies by prioritizing maternal mental health. The program provides free and immediate mental health counseling for perinatal mothers dealing with maternal mental health (MMH) conditions. MMH conditions, affecting 1 in 5 women, often go untreated, and is the most common complication during pregnancy and birth. Miracle Babies believes supporting maternal mental health is crucial for a child’s successful growth and development.

Miracle Mom Vanessa, a beneficiary of all of Miracle Babies programs, shared with GB Magazine “Miracle Babies is an amazing organization, they show sympathy, care, and love with what they are doing for us parents going through a traumatic time. They were able to support me in ways I did not even know I needed. “

As a non-profit organization, Miracle Babies relies on philanthropy and funds raised at events such as their upcoming Breakfast at Tiffany’s Luncheon Wednesday, August 14th, 2024, at La Valencia Hotel. This year’s spectacular event will be emceed by Shally Zomorodi, anchor Fox 5 News and Keynote to be delivered by Cory Richards, internationally renowned photographer, filmmaker/director, author, and mental health advocate.

Your support for Miracle Babies programs can help bridge healthcare access gaps and improve health outcomes for those lacking support. Strengthening the bond between new mothers and their babies can significantly enhance their well-being. Early intervention and essential resources post-childbirth have the potential to enhance health outcomes for generations to come.

Your support makes a difference. To learn more, donate, or join an upcoming event visit www.MiracleBabies.org.

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