Chef Mateo Román of Furasshu

In the last decade, the culinary industry of Baja California has grown exponentially and many Americans are crossing the border to enjoy the signature flavors and aromas, guided by personalities such as Anthony Bourdain who recently visited the city. But what is sometimes overlooked is the Mexican Sushi restaurant. With novel presentations that incorporate traditional Japanese recipes with Mexican fresh salsas, vegetables and chiles, this new style can be seen everywhere from New York to Mexico City to San Diego, and nowhere exemplifies this trend better than Furasshu in Tijuana.


Located in the heart of the Gastronomic District of Tijuana and surrounded by twenty other world-class restaurants, Furasshu Japanese Cuisine and Teppanyaki Bar is the top destination for Sushi in the city. With Chef Mateo Roman as the lead chef, don’t be surprised to come across an exotic a sushi roll with sliced jalapeño, mango or avocado or sashimi with lime and cilantro and his famous Cimarron Roll!

With more than thirty years of experience, Mateo has created a signature flavor and concept that delights the taste buds of people in Tijuana and Southern California and is now in the process of opening three more restaurants.