Zest for Life

Mary Drake is a dynamic and vivacious woman that has what she calls a “zest for life.” Arriving in the U.S. from Cuba in 1959, she shares with us the love and passion that she has to live the best life possible. She is also an inspiring example that being grateful and making a difference for others, brings happiness to your own life. We would all be so lucky to be as healthy and energetic as her, maybe if we follow in her footsteps and regimen, we might gain some of her passion for life.

6 a.m. Morning
Mary first wakes up to let all the dogs out of the house and make tea. After they have had their run of the grounds, she brings them back in to feed them and watches the news while having breakfast. She always has fruit in the morning and especially loves tropical flavors such as mangos and papayas. After breakfasts, she checks her emails and gets dressed to go to the barn.

9 a.m. Riding
Her main physical exercise for the day is horseback riding for a full work out exercising her core, legs and mind, all of which are an important part of any equestrian activity. Mary started riding at age 12 and enjoyed it regularly all the way into her twenties. However, she stopped once she married, had children and was occupied with running her business. Recently, Mary has started riding again six days a week and loves riding as much as spending time and caring for her horses.

12 p.m. Lunch
For lunch, Mary does not follow any diets but eats in moderation and focuses on healthy foods, trying to have a salad for lunch and fish or chicken for dinner. She usually has lunch with her husband, Hudson, during which they play with their dogs or always keep themselves busy with the obligations of the day.

4 p.m. Dinner & Philanthropic Activities
Mary is very thankful for all the blessings life has given her and her family and she likes to give back. The Ronald McDonald House is one of the charities she strongly supports as it provides help for families with ill children who are in crisis. As a passionate animal lover, she is also involved with Thrive Rescue and the San Diego Humane Society. She tends not to go out as much but does meet friends for dinner several times a week and attends events for the charities she and Hudson support.

9 p.m. Winding Down
Facial and skin care are very important to Mary. She never goes to bed without washing her face properly, gets a monthly facial and always wears sunblock and a hat- she even wears a visor that attaches to her ridding helmet! Rest, relaxation and recuperation are key to any balanced day.

Mary Drake exemplifies that beauty comes from within by having a positive outlook, showing kindness to others, and being grateful for life; she is a positive energy in our community admired by all.