Mariachi Museum


Jeff Nevin, Founder of The Mariachi Scholarship Foundation, joined in the unveiling of the Ed Marsh Mariachi Museum Exhibit at Southwestern College. The Mariachi Scholarship Foundation launched this exhibit after years of providing academic scholarships to students enrolled in the South Bay College Districts. The children and grandchildren of Mariachi legends were in attendance and were honored to see their families’ musical heritage distinguishably displayed for all to enjoy.

Jeff Nevin, fundador de la Mariachi Scholarship Foundation, se sumó a la inauguración de la muestra de Ed Marsh del Museo Mariachi realizada en el Southwestern College. La Mariachi Scholarship Foundation inauguró esta muestra luego de años de ofrecer becas académicas a estudiantes del South Bay District. Los hijos y nietos de leyendas del Mariachi estuvieron presentes y orgullosos de ver su herencia musical familiar exhibida para deleite de todos.

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Kamran Saeed