The First Lady of Tijuana.

“We all need to raise awareness about the importance of helping others to have the city we want, we need, but above all, the city we deserve” stated the President of the Patronage for the System for the Complete Development of the Family, María Dolores Gastelum.

The First Lady is dedicated to economic and social development, as well as the welfare of the most vulnerable of the city through the DIF, the National System for Integral Family Development, based on it Spanish acronym. As President of DIF Tijuana, she works with 50 women volunteers, all forming part of the Board of Directors. She invites the community to join their efforts in pursuit of the welfare of those less fortunate.
Delia Avila Suarez oversees the headquarters of DIF Tijuana and tells Giving Back Magazine, “The most important job carried out by this group of volunteers is the joint effort they put into the projects that benefit people in vulnerable situations.”

The First Lady of Tijuana is deeply grateful to these 50 women volunteers and all those who are involved in generating and taking part in all the actions needed to ensure the welfare of families in need in Tijuana.

María Dolores Gastelum will lead the Town Administration Patronage from 2016 to 2019, and states, “We have to thank all the volunteers, who with their constant effort and service in favor of the less fortunate, make Tijuana a better city to live and grow.”