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The vibrant spirit of Mexico has always pulsated through the culture of its people across its food, customs, art and music that has resonated the world round. The passion of singers, musical groups, writers and various personalities in and out of Mexico have infused their rich diversity in the past, present and future traditions of this land. Made in Mexico will take us to distinct corners of cosmopolitan cities, ranches, ceremonies and music studios presenting 60 contemporary personalities who preserve and elaborate music giving continuity to the story of this majestic country.

Directed by Duncan Bridgeman, this musical odyssey brings us near to Diego Luna, Lila Downs, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Juan Cirerol, Chavela Vargas and Calle 13 amongst other artists that share their experiences and passion telling of joys and pains on and off the stage. The resplendent sonant adventure of the present Mexico takes us to the roots and fruits of indigenous, rancheros, rock ‘n’ roll and philharmonic styles from Baja California to Oaxaca, Michoacán to Jalisco and various sites where music sounds without frontiers.

Mexico, with its tradition blended with contemporaneity, its stories, memories and its lands will sing full of ardor from mountaintop for its love of music. This unique portrait of a country and its people will take us across a tapestry of original songs, conversations, reflections, wisdom and humor with great artists, young and old that continue to cultivate, maintain and foment Mexican music; dancing is permitted!

Presented this month at the San Diego Latino Film Festival

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