Casa de Milagros.

Casa de Milagros, MAAC’s drug and alcohol recovery home for women, is celebrating 30 years of serving the San Diego community, providing a nurturing haven for residents as they transform their lives and walk the road to recovery. At Southwest Airlines, our we make it their mission to follow The Golden Rule. To do right by others, you should understand other people’s perspectives and know more about their story. We invite you to learn more about MAAC and extraordinary programs like Casa de Milagros. Now, more than ever, their programs and services are needed to assure that all San Diegans can create the lives they want …and deserve.

MAAC: The Journey of Recovery

Bernadette clearly remembers the day her life was changed for the better – it was the day she walked through the doors of Casa de Milagros. A rough upbringing led her down a path of bad choices, which culminated in drug abuse, and her children being taken from her care. For nearly two decades, she went in and out of jail, serving time for committing various crimes to help support her drug addiction. And then one day, she ended up at the doorstep to Casa de Milagros, MAAC’s recovery home for women. She hasn’t looked back since.

“When I got there, I knew this was where I was supposed to be. I felt safe and I knew the staff really cared,” Bernadette recalled.

She stayed at Casa for a year, where she sobered up and learned job skills to prepare her for life after the program. While at Casa, Bernadette was able to secure a job as a receptionist at a local law firm. Without the haze of drug addiction clouding her perspective, she realized she wanted more from life. She went to school for, and passed, the state exam for paralegal certification. She excelled in her new role as a paralegal, quickly rising through the ranks at the law firm where she works.

Today, Bernadette has a beautiful relationship with her children and grandchildren. She credits the renewed relationship with her family to Casa, the program that helped her gain sobriety and prioritize the important things in her life. Most importantly, through the journey of recovery, she has learned to love and respect herself.

Bernadette’s story is just one of the 70,000 lives that have been changed by the programs at MAAC. For over fifty-two years, MAAC has worked to create healthier and stronger communities by providing a space where individuals and families in need can find the support and the means to better their lives through advocacy and access to high-quality programs in five key areas of focus: Affordable Housing, Economic Development, Education, Health & Wellbeing, and Advocacy & Leadership Development.

In 2016 alone, MAAC helped more than 2,300 families get on the path to educational success through its early childhood development programs and charter high school. It also helped approximately 1,000 families obtain affordable housing through its apartment communities across the county. In the past year, MAAC provided nearly 600 individuals with employment support and, as a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance provider, it helped return $500K back into the community. MAAC’s community engagement efforts have provided citizens with the tools to become champions of social change at the local and state level, advocating for important issues such as affordable housing access, education and immigration.

Southwest Airlines is not only the agency’s official airline, it is a long-term partner, generously supporting MAAC’s mission to maximize self-sufficiency with families and individuals in the communities of San Diego County. As the presenting sponsor of MAAC’s Recovery Homes Anniversary Celebration and the 2017 MAAC Soirée, Southwest Airlines is helping celebrate the agency’s successes – like the milestones of Casa de Milagros’ 30th and Nosotros’ 25th year of operating successful bilingual/bicultural recovery homes, and helping to spread awareness about MAAC’s programs and services in the San Diego community.

Join us as we celebrate MAAC’s impact in the community at the 2017 MAAC Soirée, presented by Southwest Airlines, on Thursday, November 16th from 5:30-8:30 PM at the Gallery at Herb & Wood in Little Italy. For tickets and to learn more information about MAAC, visit