With the modern daily routine, having a life with no stress is almost impossible. There are different types of stress such as work related stress, emotional, severe and chronic. The pace of everyday life does not give us the time to create a space to perform an activity that would help us to release the stress.

At Dermalife Med Spa they have designed specific treatments that they use to alleviate these ailments, helping you have a healthy and balanced life. Among their treatments you will find:

Therapeutic massage: works with bones and muscles, allowing relief in patients with chronic stress. It is ideal with cases of severe pain, accidents, surgeries, posture, spine and hip problems.

Lymphatic drainage massage: a body detox that eliminates metabolic wastes and fluids accumulated through the lymph system. It promotes cellular renewal and improves blood circulation. Ideal for people with chronic fatigue, pre- and post-surgery or diabetics.

Craniosacral Massage: balances the primary respiratory movements in the two cerebral hemispheres, improves blood circulation reaching physical and mental balance. Minimizes migraine, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, regulates the CNS. It is ideal for people with nervous problems, autism, Down-syndrome, hyperactivity and concentration problems.

Foot Reflexology: helps to identify problems in different parts of the body through the feet, because all our organs are reflected in there. It is ideal for people with digestive system problems, liver, kidney, heart disease or any condition of the body by stimulating or inhibiting them through pressure points.

Swedish massage: Is a totally relaxing massage that stimulates the muscles to release the everyday stress through manual manipulations. Ideal for people with chronic fatigue or stress, muscle aches, migraines, nervous and emotional problems.