By Angelica Gavaldon.

Living in a fast-paced world with kids, work and events, it is hard to keep energy levels up. Coffee shops and convenient stores are filled with energy drinks, double espressos and many options on how to get a quick fix but you come crashing down soon after. The most important thing is to listen to our bodies and understand what it is trying to tell us. We should nourish and appreciate it by feeding it healthy food and giving it the right energy. Here are a few tips on natural energy boosters that will make you feel much better:

Healthier Diet
Try adding more fruits and veggies throughout the day. If you are still feeling lethargic, consult your doctor and discuss a vitamin supplement. Magnesium is a vital part of our health. Without it, our body does not function properly. It helps with muscle movement, protein formation, and energy among other things. Make sure to discuss any potential changes with your doctor before making a decision.

Proper Sleep
We all have a different number of hours of sleep that we need, some more some less. If you want to find out how much you need, do an experiment. Go to bed at a decent hour and wake up naturally. No ALARMS! Learn about your sleeping patterns, discipline yourself and make the effort. It will help you keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

Did you know adding just 10 minutes of walking during the day gives you an energy boost and can make you happier? You don’t need to run a marathon or join a gym. Little steps can help make BIG changes.

Vitamin D from the Sun
The sun releases a happy hormone in our brain called serotonin that improves our energy and mood similarly to how, at nighttime in the dark, our brains release melatonin that makes us sleepy. Sunlight does the opposite and supplies us with Vitamin D, which we know offers many health benefits.

Surround Yourself with Positive People
Have you ever met someone that drains the energy out of you? It has been proven that negative people and those who like to complain can drag you down. If your energy is low, call that one person that injects LIFE into you.

Energy Smoothies
If you need to recharge your batteries during the day, instead of reaching for the candy or the sugary energy bar, TRY this instead… a recharge energy boost recipe shot. Mix orange, ginger and lemon juices with turmeric and cayenne pepper and enjoy!

Incorporating one or a few of these tips can help you sustain the energy you need to get through your busy day and live life more fully.