Giddy Up Chiropractic.

Dr. Bek Jarzombek, owner of Giddy Up Chiropractic, is an equestrian rider and Doctor of Chiropractic for horses, riders, dogs, cats, livestock and exotic animals. However, her primary specialty is with horses and riders. She has been riding and competitively showing horses since childhood giving her work an elite level of expertise in the equestrian and horse-racing industries.

Where there is motion, there is life. Every joint in the body was designed to move freely. With that, comes proper nerve impulse for the brain and body to efficiently communicate. Chiropractic ensures the nervous system of the horse and rider are maximized to 100% capacity. This includes the brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves which give neurological instructions to all other systems in the body. Because of these principals, Dr. Bek’s work is known for amplifying athletic performance, preventing injuries and reducing recovery time for both two- and four-legged members of the team.

Common reasons a horse can benefit from chiropractic care:
-Amplify athletic performance
-Prevention of injuries
-Reduce recovery rime
-Maintenance of joint and spinal health
-Solve “mystery” lameness
-Issues with picking up leads, lead changes, swapping leads
-Behavioral and training difficulties
-Stiffness/trouble with collection
-Muscle health: spasms, atrophy, weakness
-Jaw/TMJ problems: difficulty chewing food or taking the bit
-Post-surgical care: restoring proper motion of joints

Common reasons a rider can benefit from chiropractic care:
-Difficulty with posture/biomechanical limitations
-Riding accidents
-Concussions/TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injuries)
-Stirrup length unevenness
-Feeling unbalanced
-Trouble keeping the reins even or fingers closed

Does the horse or rider need to have a symptom or problem to benefit from chiropractic?
No! Horses that are overall “healthy” are some of Dr. Bek’s favorite chiropractic patients. These horses and riders are able to be taken to the “next level” incredibly fast. Increasing performance is much easier to achieve and maintain, with a symptom-free individual.

How often does my horse need chiropractic care?
The first visit begins the process of initiating a neurological reset. Whether a horse has symptoms, it is necessary to break old patterns and gain momentum for long-term results. If a horse is in serious condition, she will often see the horse every 2 weeks until the horse is stable and the timeframe can be lengthened out.

What can I expect during my visit?
Dr. Bek is raising the standard of chiropractic. This is not a “whack, crack, and pop session.” Each horse is either ridden or lunged on the first visit, so she can analyze movement and performance patterns. After that, an additional physical examination is completed and the chiropractic adjustment process begins. The first visit takes about 45 mins. Follow up visits are generally 20 minutes.

Where does Dr. Bek adjust the rider?
Dr. Bek is a mobile chiropractor and brings her table and other equipment to the barn. Her favorite thing to do is have the opportunity to work on the horse and rider. She has seen the most incredible results, when both members of the team are under regular care.

Giddy Up Chiropractic is new to the Greater San Diego area. Thank you to all of our patients and clients. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to serve you. 

– Dr. Bek