Healing and Hope for Those Experiencing Pregnancy Loss.

Each year more than two million women and men in the United States experience pregnancy loss. These numbers do not stand alone. The loss of a pregnancy, whether through abortion or miscarriage, impacts multiple lives, including family members and friends. People faced with the emotional effects of this loss too often remain silent, or do not know where to turn for help. Those close to a loss are uncertain how to comfort people or even engage them in conversation.

Life Perspectives, a nonprofit, educational organization founded in 2000, is dedicated to changing this. The organization offers programs and services to help those who are suffering alone, as well as providing training and tips for family and friends who want to help.

“Our mission is healing,” said Michaelene Fredenburg, President and CEO of Life Perspectives. “We understand that each person’s experience is unique, and we are committed to assisting. We do our best to communicate that there is no right or wrong way to react to a pregnancy loss and that there is no set timeline to process the experience.”

Michaelene noted that many health professionals feel ill-equipped to meet the needs of those who may be struggling with a reproductive loss. That is why Life Perspectives’ accredited Continuing Education seminars provide clinicians and caseworkers with effective intake and screening tools in addition to best practices in grief support.

“I understand that it may feel uncomfortable to be mourning the loss of someone we never knew. At Life Perspectives, our most important goal is to communicate hope and healing. We provide safe, anonymous tools to begin healing and equip leaders to effectively offer support,” Michaelene shared with Giving Back Magazine.

Life Perspectives annual Side by Side 5K on October 27, 2018 in Mission Bay helps the organization raise the funding needed to keep their programs running. It also provides an opportunity for everyone to show their support and remind us all that we are not alone. You can register to participate, volunteer or sponsor the Side by Side 5K at www.sidebyside5k.com.

If you would like to learn more about Life Perspectives healing resources and training, please visit www.lifeperspectives.com.