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“What makes you feel confident?”

Catherine Bachelier

President of CBStyleMaker

I feel the most confident after a speaking engagement. Somehow during my presentation, I lose all track of time and space and I am floating through it. I believe the confidence that I am experiencing is knowing that I am doing exactly what I am meant to do.

Alexandria Ott

CEO, Chrome City Creative

 It comes from the understanding that for every bad day comes one or two really good ones.  From being raised by a strong woman.  From receiving unconditional love from my partner.  It comes from being a mom to someone that looks at me like I am gold.

Marcela Luz Valladolid

Chef, Author,TV Host and Co-creator of “Prende Tu Luz” podcast

It’s definitely a combination of things but I think, in the last couple years, I’ve made a point to connect to the person that I am when I separate myself from all of my perceived success. Who am I and what is left when I am just ME? And what is left is a person that I have learned to love, respect and admire a little more every single day. When I am stripped bare of all the things that the outside world connects to me and my persona, I am loved unconditionally by the people that mean the most to me; my family. And that is what gives me confidence; knowing that if I am true to myself without worrying about the outer perception of ME, I will still come home to a group of people that know my core and value my worth.

Carina Luz Valladolid

Co-creator of “Prende tu Luz” Podcast

Being true and HONEST to myself makes me feel confident. Being the best I can be today, feeling ALIVE and treating my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self with love and respect makes me feel confident. Balance, serving others, surrounding myself with supportive, inspiring, honest and loving people, and trusting the universe makes me feel confident.