In Defense of the Flip Phone.

Whether you are focused on mindfulness, have no need to post pictures to social media, have not yet the mastered the fine art of the “selfie”, or only need a telephone for what it was designed for (to make and receive phone calls); the flip phone is gaining popularity over smart phones and tablets. There are also luxury phones that while not actual flip phones, are also not the usual smart phone or tablet and warrant a second look.

Over the years, mobile phones have shrunk from small shoulder held suitcases, to large bricks, to miniature finger-puppets and earpieces, but now the trend has reversed to the point that some phones are too large to fit in a pocket and are competing with tablets and laptops in screen size. Despite this reversal in size, flip phones remain small, easy to wield and easy to pocket. They do not attract unwanted attention and are resistant to cracking, or bending… and even better, they will not dial anyone when you sit on them.

With fewer unneeded features, the battery on a flip phone can last for days and with lower data fees, you can spend the money you save on other things. For those of you with security or privacy in mind, flip phones cannot be tracked by GPS.

Now, while some of these phones can be less than a hundred dollars, the surprise is that some of these phones can cost many thousands of dollars. So the next time you see a flip phone, you will know that person is actually one step ahead!