Here at Giving Back Magazine, we love pictures. We take many pictures every day and with advancements in technology there are choices of new and exciting cameras. We present a list of some the best cameras you can buy right now.


Leica X-U
If quality of the picture is what you are looking for, Leica is your best option, but it does not come cheap. This waterproof gem will take the best image for any camera in the class above or below the water

Canon Elph 360 HS
On the other hand, a great camera with useful features and a more accessible price, The Elph has a long history of reliability and quality.


Polaroid Snap+
Instant cameras are all the rage with the Polaroid Snap+ that is fun and nostalgic, combining the best of digital with an integrated printer letting you click and print.


Nikon D500
If you are looking to take your photography hobby to another level, this Digital Single Lens Reflex camera has the right balance of professional features and functionality.

Phase One XF 100MP
If photography is your life, the end all be all in the camera world is the Phase One Camera system will take pictures of the world around you in a way that will leave others speechless.


Nikon KeyMission 360
This compact sport waterproof video camera has two lenses on the front and back combining the image into a 360° 4K video.


Kodak Super 8
What’s old is new as Kodak brings back the Super 8 Film Camera which uses real film that is processed by Kodak and returned to you as a movie and digital file.